Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

A relaxing and gentle massage to help align the mind and body by using warmed Himalayan Salt Stones to enhance the experience

Experience a Healing Salt Stone Massage with a Certified and Trained Professional

Therapeutic Techniques

Himalayan salt stones are gently warmed and placed over the body to ground and balance the body’s electromagnetic field and central nervous system. From the primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains, these hand-carved salt stones possess therapeutic properties that harmonize and revitalize the body by gently soothing away the accumulation of stress and tension. Thus, they bring the mind, body, and spirit into balance.


Increase sense of well-being

Increase Quality Sleep

Reduction in Pain

Decrease Swelling

Post Surgical Recovery

Reduce Anxiety

Increase Energy

Reduce Stress

Reduce Sinus Pressure & Headaches

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Deep tissue massage?

No, this form of massage is gentle with some medium pressure. If there is an area of the body that you or the therapist feel could use more firm pressure, then that will be addressed.

Can I use my Health Savings Card?

Yes, this office accepts HSA cards and is a registered National Provider.

Is the Salt smooth or rough to the touch?

We use hand-carved Himalayan Salt Stones that are very smooth and silky to the touch, thus, creating a very relaxing touch to the skin.

What is the difference between Salt stones and the Basalt stones in other offices?

Himalayan Salt Stones have 49 essential minerals that your body needs. Your body will receive these minerals through the massage. Also, the stones become very warm to the touch but never reach a scalding hot temperature.

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